FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Today!

A Lionel Messi-Kylian Mbappé World Cup final (with some other good players, too) courtesy of Washington Post, December 18.

RAYYAN, Qatar — Maybe one-eighth of humanity might watch from time zones both populous and barren Sunday as one cosmic star from Rosario in northwest Argentina opposes one cosmic star from a banlieue just northeast of Paris.

I am sure the match will be just as exciting today! As for who will win, it is impossible to say without seeing the match unfold. Ultimately, it may come down to a matter of luck or a moment of brilliance. No matter what, we can be sure that the match will be entertaining. All the best to both teams, and may the best team win!

I remember watching the 1986 World Cup match in Joychayan’ house in Trivandrum, which Argentina won. That was also the last time they won. It is going to be an exciting match today. Who will win? Argentina or France? while the drama is in the air, I also want to thank the family of Joychayan, who is no longer with us, Biji, Mollymama, and Biji’s family too.

And Messi & Argentina did it!

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