Family History

Kudos to everyone who is working on the project to update the family chart on Geni website. The link to Geni website is clickable from Family History Chart.

Thanks to Dr. C. C. Abraham’s efforts over many years, a document is now available with lots of information in a PDF format. You may click history book.

The family directory with contact details is now available from here.   The file is updated as of June 06, 2015.


The history book and the gallery webpage are password protected for security and accessible to family members.

2 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Some observations:

    1.If this link is clicked, it gives a dropbox error:
    “The family directory with contact details is now available from here. ”
    2. Password to history book PDF… If you can mail me personally
    3. Password to open the directory ‘cvfdirectory_06_Junel_15’ … if you can mail me personally..
    4. The GENI family history chart that opens from the link is not an updated one. I remember updating the website with photos etc.

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