Christmas Greetings

The past year saw a few souls departing and few new new arrivals. While a few more have retired from regular working lives, some started a new phase of career in their lives.

Chathoth family name is supposed to mean the respect for the lives and values of the departed family members and senior living ones. We have a commitment to carry on the good tradition of high education, teaching, hard work and service at work, in the extended families and in the communities that we are part of.

Wishing all Chathoth family members a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! May this season bring peace, joy, happiness, and renewed faith in the Lord. May each of you find success in whatever venture you take up, and may you be blessed with good health and prosperity. Cheers to a wonderful and blessed 2023!

Here’s to a fantastic Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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