“When people say, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of challenges,’ I always say, ‘There’s no better time to be alive.’” — Sundar Pichai



Congrats to Canadian Cubesat Design Challenge winners

University of Manitoba team, of which Sanjay Alex Abraham was a part, won the national championship in June 2018.

He is representing University of Manitoba at the Montreal Space Symposium on October 18 and 19th. Best wishes from Chathothvallamkulamfamily.

https://www.montrealspace.ca/ Link to Montreal Space Symposium

Canadian Cubesat Design Challenge

Centenarian Barber


Occasionally you will find stories posted here, meant to inspire and ponder

Here is the story of a barber, 107 years old, who has been in the same profession for 96 years! I just completed 33 years of professional life, and really feel thankful to God for the length and quality of it. Working for 96 years? The millennials want to retire at 30 or 40! Come on, what’s the story here?

I am not inspired by the age when he started, 11, I feel terribly sorry for him for his lost childhood! I am not sure if I should be inspired or I should feel really sorry for him for working hard at this age of 107 years.

I am surely inspired by his attitude to work normal shifts of 8 hours just like any other guy! Since he never had any other education, barbering is the only thing he knows to do, which is kind of sad.