Global Social Mobility Index 2020 | World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has created a new index to measure social mobility, providing a much-needed assessment of the current state of social mobility worldwide. — Read on Thanks for all the personal wishes. Will try to reach out personally. Here’s a call to action. Like to share my availability for projects involving business […]

Wanted – Religious Secularism and Enlightenment – for Islam & Hinduism “That is why it reminds me of the beginnings of the Enlightenment, when Europeans, having seen the horrors of religious wars and persecution, developed the idea of political secularism, while also championing reason, freedom of thought, equality and tolerance.” Mustafa Akyol writing in New York Times. Christianity embraced secularism in the West over time […]

Merry Christmas when we decide to fight ignorance and want and be like Scrooge ourselves!

You never thought I would advise someone to be like Scrooge, did you? Well, Scrooge is better than most of us in terms of the repentance he went through and the changes he makes instantly to his life. And that is a good thing. We usually don’t notice that part of Scrooge. Charles Dickens’s Christmas […]

Why Modi has a better argument? All things considered, the BJP and Modi seem to be speaking to the psyche of the nation. This may look like a non-secular or opportunistic position, but it is not. India was divided along religious lines and those who remained need to be treated with equal rights, not those who returned after many […]

Lessons from ISRO Vikram Lander

Publishing this blog as an Ex-ISRO scientist peeved at the ISRO culture of lies. Who is Shan? And what am I talking about? Shan is Shanmuga Subramanian (Shan), an amateur enthusiast from Chennai who found the remains of Vikram lander that crashed on moon’s surface on September 6th. ISRO maintained that they found the remains […]

Human islands – ‘vanity and a grave misfortune!’

“United we stand, divided we fall!” Quote attributed to Aesop, ancient Greek story teller (6th Century BC). For one lion, Red, a pack of 20 hyenas is sure death. But the odds change when Tatu, Red’s ally joins. Even for a pack of 20 hyenas, a pair of two male lions is too much to […]