Rahelamma & family c.1947
Rahelamma in B’lore c.1949 with CIM family and CCT 
Brothers sitting c.1980
CCA family 2013
Thampychayan and sister Thankamma (now deceased)
CIC & family c.1986
Abi and Mini in Dubai
With Rajanachayan
CIA and family c.1960

One thought on “Gallery

  1. What an amazing website! Congratulations to Thampichayan, Shibu, and all family members who took the initiative and put in the efforts to create such a website which brings back good times and connects generations by taking us on a walk down the memory lane!! 

    After reading this wonderfully energizing creation, I became nostalgic for the golden days of my childhood spent with my eldest sister, Jolly Abraham, member of the Chathothu family, Vallamkulam.  

    Playing with Shibu in the Chathothu yard, Achayan and Amma’s advises, love and care, both gathering mangostein fruits for me during my vacation visits from boarding school, Chathothu house itself-that gave me a complete sense of home at that tender and young age — all these memories came rushing back to me.

    May Achayan and Amma’s soul rest in peace along with all others who passed away for heavenly abode!!

    Peace and good wishes to all Chathothu family members!!

    Jaya, (Thampichayan’s sister-in-law)

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