Christmas time Kerala – then and now

 Remembering Christmas past

In Vallamkulam and Trichur, Kerala

Seventies, eighties, nineties


The joyless carols that

Nevertheless brought a cheer

Handmade star lantern inside,

And the drums “Boom, boom, tikitikitiki…”


The paper cards that arrived

With handwritten notes

Remembering, some bring a tear –

The hands that wrote lovingly!


Cribs, songs, churches and,

Of course the cakes and stew.


And later we became illiterate of the hands

And redefined simple words like ‘friend’

Paper disappeared, and plastic took over

Littered everywhere


Friendship disappeared and advice took over

Littered everywhere – videos, texts

At Christmas time in Kerala and everywhere

The day after tomorrow, 2017








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