Family Website First Anniversary 26 April


Spring Equinox (start of Uttarayana or Sun’s northern ascent) – March 20

Earth Day – April 22


Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday – April 21

Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary -April 23


Vishu – April 14 (Sun directly over Kerala in its northerly ascent)


Chathoth Vallamkulam Family Website  Anniversary 26 April

Haha! It is like an odd-one-out question, or something; I was joking about the huge geo-political-historic- geographical significance, okay? However, it is true that this website is now one year old.

Try googling Chathoth Vallamkulam, if you will, and you will get to our website. Google just Vallamkulam, and you will still land in the website on the second page. This is what has happened in the one year since the website has been up and running.

Here are couple of pictures taken on April 17th at Mannuthy, Trichur.




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