Bleeding Cross of St. Thomas at Chennai- Origin of Mar Thoma Sleeba

Near Guindy, Chennai, South India, is the hilltop church famously known after St. Thomas, but actually dedicated to Holy Mary. The hillock itself is named after St.Thomas and the nearby railway station is called St.Thomas Mount Railway Station. Legend has it that St. Thomas used to live here and was martyred in AD 72 while […]

The symbol of Syrian Christians and how the Kaviyoor Sleeba Church was named

Here is a Syriac- Malayalam-English statement. “Mar Thoma Sleeha brought Mar Thoma Sleeba.” Here is what Mar Thoma purportedly brought –  small stone cross of the design in the pictures below.  Probably he also brought a small picture of Holy Mary and a copy of the bible. The picture is an actual photograph of the bleeding cross […]

Ettumanoor axe (1918) and the blacksmith of Vallamkulam (1970)

Let us start with courtesy of Blacksmith Narayanankutty of Ettumanoor. I googled ‘Ettumanoor blacksmiths’ and this is the video I found. Those who don’t know about the dying art of black smithy in rural Kerala villages may take a look at this one. It doesn’t explain everything, but tells something about a bygone era thanks […]

Tree house student in the forest saved us from tigers

“This house saved us! From this one!” It IS ONE SUMMER NIGHT IN 1940 AND THE LOCATION IS THE FOREST NEAR PALLIVASAL, MOONNAR. The tropical forest is thick and full of dangerous animals. There is no one inhabiting the place anywhere in eye sight. There is a mud track that takes traffic passing through the […]