100 years and still an active neuroscientist



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www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/02/13/sports/olympics/chloe-kim-halfpipe-gold.htmlHere is a motivational story of going over above at excellence! “Kim saved her most difficult moves for the third and final run, even after she had already secured the gold medal. She led the pack with 93.75 points from her first run.”“Going into my third run I knew that I was taking home the gold,” she said. “But I just knew that I wasn’t going to be completely satisfied taking home the gold and knowing that I could have done better.”WOW!!

Christmas time Kerala – then and now

 Remembering Christmas past

In Vallamkulam and Trichur, Kerala

Seventies, eighties, nineties


The joyless carols that

Nevertheless brought a cheer

Handmade star lantern inside,

And the drums “Boom, boom, tikitikitiki…”


The paper cards that arrived

With handwritten notes

Remembering, some bring a tear –

The hands that wrote lovingly!


Cribs, songs, churches and,

Of course the cakes and stew.


And later we became illiterate of the hands

And redefined simple words like ‘friend’

Paper disappeared, and plastic took over

Littered everywhere


Friendship disappeared and advice took over

Littered everywhere – videos, texts

At Christmas time in Kerala and everywhere

The day after tomorrow, 2017








Merry Today, Happy Tomorrow!

Merry today, happy tomorrow would be pretty much being merry always.

Slip in Christmas, and New Year, and it reads Merry Christmas, Happy New Year; or Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year, which is the most conventional form of Christmas greeting.

That is pretty much saying:

“Rejoice always, and again I will say, rejoice!”

“Rejoice always.”

We don’t always realize that, do we?

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2018.



Remembrance Prayer

“These are photos taken at the prayer meeting held in Ravi’s house on the 4th June on the occasion of Amma’s 100th birthday remembrance.” Message from Joseph Abraham.

M.C. Mariamma (Pennamma), wife of C.I. Abraham, DB 04-04-1917, DD 24-05-2000. Survived by C.I. Jacob (Joy), Rachel Abraham (Susy), Leela Abraham (Leela), C.A, Thomas (Babu), Joseph Abraham (Jossey), George Abraham (Ravi) and families.

Chathoth Vallamkulam Family prayerfully remembers and thanks God for the life of M.C. Mariamma. Thanks to all who participated in the prayer meeting!

Thanks, Josseychayan, for sharing the photos!

All of you have grown older gracefully. Hi to ‘Man with the golden stick’ (Monichayan), and others!


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