Martin Luther King (MLK) Day January 16 – How MKL contrasts with Black Lives Matter, Malcolm X and Kanye West

Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X were two of the most influential civil rights activists in the United States during the 20th century. They both advocated for the rights of Black Americans and fought for racial equality, but their approaches to achieving these goals were quite different.

Martin Luther King Jr was an advocate of non-violent protest, believing that civil disobedience and peaceful demonstrations were the best way to bring about change. He believed that love, and not hatred, was the best way to combat racism. He advocated for peaceful marches, sit-ins, boycotts, and other forms of civil disobedience as a way to bring about equality for Black Americans.

In contrast, Malcolm X was a proponent of a more militant approach to the civil rights movement. He believed that peaceful protest was ineffective and advocated for the use of violence, if necessary, to achieve racial justice. He was a vocal critic of white America and believed that Black Americans should take control of their own destiny. He advocated for Black nationalism and separatism, believing that Black Americans should have their own autonomous nation and that they should not rely on white America for change.

Both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X had a great influence on the civil rights movement in the United States. Their contrasting views on the best way to achieve racial justice demonstrate the complexity of the civil rights struggle, as well as the vast range of perspectives and approaches that were taken in order to bring about change.

Kanye West (called Ye) is one of the most influential hip hop artists of the 21st century. His lyrics often touch on political topics such as racism, social justice, and economic inequality. While his views may not be traditional, they are certainly powerful.

West has often been outspoken in his support of African American rights, and his admiration of the civil rights leader Malcolm X is no secret.

West has been vocal about his views on the criminal justice system, pointing out the disparities in sentencing between white and black offenders. He has denounced the “school to prison pipeline” and the over-incarceration of African Americans. In his song “Blood on the Leaves”, West raps about how the judicial system has failed black Americans, and how the legacy of slavery and racism is still present in today’s society.

West has also been vocal in his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. He has performed at several rallies and protests, and has used his platform to spread awareness of the movement’s goals. West has also been a strong advocate for police reform, calling for better training and more accountability for law enforcement officers.

West’s admiration for Malcolm X is clear in his music. He often references the civil rights leader in his lyrics, citing him as an inspiration. West has also spoken out about the racism that Malcolm X experienced and how it is still present today. He believes that the civil rights leader’s message of self-empowerment is still relevant in today’s political climate.

However, Ye did not denounce the police brutality and killing of George Floyd but denounced the subsequent protests. George Floyd. He was also seen wearing White Lives Matter T shirt. This makes Ye’s political alignment hard to follow in the author’s opinion. The author supports Martin Luther King and his ideals on this upcoming MLK day.

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