Why Modi has a better argument?



All things considered, the BJP and Modi seem to be speaking to the psyche of the nation. This may look like a non-secular or opportunistic position, but it is not.

India was divided along religious lines and those who remained need to be treated with equal rights, not those who returned after many decades.

It is not just about persecution, it is more about religious secularism. If it were about only persecution, Ahmadis and Rohinjyas would be taken in, but it is not. The neighboring Muslim countries that carved out Indian land for themselves should take them back and treat them well.

The neighboring Muslim countries have made it apparent that they would persecute non-Muslims, and those who flee for that reason are in a different class and can find secularism only in India.

The Left parties and Indian National Congress do have some useful progressive views, but not in this case.

The other out-of-the-box option will be for the neighboring Muslim countries to return the land and the people. This may be the argument in favour of returning POK (Pak Occupied Kashmir).

In other words, this bill is not just India’s internal matter, it is an international matter requiring collaborative solutions.

This is purely the author’s personal opinion.

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