Thomsons for Christmas

Thomson’s Bakery was founded in 1962 during Christmas.

“1962 December is the year Dad and Mum started . It’s been 57 years since then. Thanks to all for your well wishes . God Willing trying to continue the legacy but don’t know for how long. God bless and Merry Christmas to all!” One of the sons says!

Since going away from birthplace of Vallamkulam around the Second World War, C.I. Thomas, finally started his most successful business, Thomas & Sons, Thomsons for short, in time for Christmas of 1962. The Thomsons plum cakes have been famous in Bangalore mostly during Christmas seasons all these 57 years.

Thomsons cakes have been a proud annual Christmas tradition of Chathoth family, much like the reading of Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) and the Festival of Nine Lessons of the King’s College, Cambridge. With some missing years, I remember it from the 1970’s.

While wishing all Chathoth family members a Merry Christmas, it is also time to celebrate the memories and traditions of Thomsons.

Congratulations to the family members who are continuing the business today.

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