Lessons from ISRO Vikram Lander

Publishing this blog as an Ex-ISRO scientist peeved at the ISRO culture of lies.

Who is Shan?

And what am I talking about?

Shan is Shanmuga Subramanian (Shan), an amateur enthusiast from Chennai who found the remains of Vikram lander that crashed on moon’s surface on September 6th. ISRO maintained that they found the remains in September, but never published the details.

In November, Shan, found the remains through meticulous effort.

‘This week, K. Sivan, ISRO’s director, dismissed the NASA announcement, repeating the claim that Vikram’s location had been identified back in September.’

ISRO should wake up from its culture of lies and support crowdsourcing like NASA does. Shame on them for not releasing the co-ordinates of the crash site they claimed to have found out and for not endorsing Shan.

Shan’s discovery was not immediately recognized at NASA. It took multiple emails and perseverance. It shouldn’t have been like that and he should have approached ISRO. But that was not the case. It reminds me of Srinivasa Ramanujam, another Chennai lad, who got fame through Prof. Hardy of the University of Cambridge.



Watch also the You Tube and read NASA’s email to Shan.

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