Amazing economic miracle for India and world’s first massive economic inequality experiment- Kudos Rajiv Gandhi

Unfortunately the Press – Indian and international – hasn’t given enough coverage for this amazing and pathbreaking announcement. It takes Indira Gandhi’s ‘garibi hatao’, namely, ‘get rid of poor’ to dizzying heights.

This could be a game changer in India and the world as an economic experiment in poverty alleviation and income disparity. Kudos to economists Thomas Picket and Abhijeet Banerjee.

This experiment has been recently tried on pilot basis is some countries without success. Sweden was one. But it has potential to succeed and address the income gap.

Recommending Gene Sperling to every entrepreneur and job seeker for the Economic Dignity vision .

I believe in Gene’s three pillars of economic dignity: second chances, capacity and willingness for responsible social behaviour, and opportunities in economic activities without domination and exploitation!

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