Memories from 1955 Photo

Me: Third in the middle row is C.I.Abraham (Valooppan), my grandfather C.I. Chandy’s lookalike!


Some more memories arising from the group photo! Front sitting first right is PO Koshy the well known owner of the most reputed Parade Cafe in the cant.In the Bangalore Cant area and city too their brand was the topmost in quality and service.The idea for a bakery was motivated by the

success of Koshy’s.And sitting row first from left is Mr CE George ,Manager of the CLS Press in the Brigade road, the best in Blore then.He was

a well qualified Printing Technologist of yore.The Holy Bible used to be printed there in many languages

for the Bible Society of India.

It was the motivation of Mr CE George that led Valloppan to choose Printing

Technology for Babu for his professional studies in the reputed SJ Polytechnic in Banhalore.Will Babu please see.He may not be

aware of how he landed in this field.! Pl recall that he was with the Birla group in their

Advertising and Sales Promotion Co.Is Babu seeing this post?


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