St. Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral, Bangalore- Platinum Jubilee

St. Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral
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Copied below, messages from whatsapp:

Jossychayan : 19th evening there was felicitation by Bava Thirumeni for priests who served the church, erstwhile office bearers and senior citizens(above 75 years). Susymama and Leelamama were among them.

Abuchayan: For those who are not aware , In 1943 first service was conducted in Bangalore at St. Paul’s church in Shivajinagar next to Bowring Hospital and later the service was conducted at Holy Trinity Church on M G Road before it finally got its own church at Hosur Road . Daddy was one of the earlier members when he came to bangalore in the same year 1943.


Abu, Jossy

Thanks for the news and the pics.Glad to know that Sucy and Leela were felicitated on this great occasion.

Glimpses of the early history of the MOC churches in BLRE are mentioned in our Family History.Kindly take a look. The details were provided by l Joy after research.


We could not gather enough members compared to the Tamil congregation who had more members so Trinity church went to the Tamilians CSI church members ….hence the Hosur Road Church set up.


Thanks Ravi for the nice puctures of historical value,

felivcitating Susy and Leela on the occasion of the Platinum jubilee.And the well preserved archival pic of the

Church Management Committee of 1955 with our Valliappan as a member.!!Thank you Abu for the first series of the

Jubilee pics.Shibu , thanks to you for the post in the cvf website.Myself and Joy were witnesses to the church events in the fifties! Some of the committee members are known to me.

When the MOC Services started in 1943 at the St Paul’s church , the Vicar Rev Fr MP Mathews( Modasseryil Achen) was deputed from the Balanoor Estates and paid by them for long.At this members then and the maintenance cost for prohibitive for them.That is history!

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