Breaking News: New research finds Dinosaurs lived in Vallamkulam in 1819!

The researcher is me. Before you wanna pick up stones to hurl at me, hear me out please!

I had described the year 1819 in the post ‘Long Story Short’ as so old that dinosaurs roamed the earth then.  None of my readers thought I indeed stumbled upon some piece of evidence to support my claim. So what could have been my Vallamkulamsaurus in Nature, Newsweek and Time never got that far.

“Dinosaurs in 1819 ? Are you sure ?”

“Well, figuratively speaking…”

Finally an email hit the nail right on the head.

“Thought I should point out a small (read, large, Himalayan, dinosaurian, etc.) mistake  before it gets noticed externally: The 4th paragraph says “These are the times when dinosaurs roamed the earth, a ballpark timeline for the history aficionados…” while referencing 1819 in the previous para.

I suppose it is meant to indicate that the Chathoth family dates back many years, but comes across as an inaccuracy in the text. Perhaps it would be better removed, as it should not take away from the extensive research you have dedicated to creating the site.”

Clearly the author doesn’t believe in my extensive research finding! Dinosaurs in Vallamkulam in 1819? Bunch of baloney!

Before further damage was done, I expunged objectionable scientific claim from the post.

A few years back while I was dealing with a company in North Carolina, Julie, the rookie Customer Service Rep used to refer to the oldies to me as dinosaurs. It became a funny expression and whenever I was looking for an older person, I would ask: “Any dinosaurs around there today?” And she might go, ” Well, this one is gone, but let me check…”

It is an interesting usage of the word as shown below.

Dinosaur (noun)

  1. someone who resists change or is old-fashioned.

    An example of a dinosaur is the person in the office who still sends messages by fax.

True, I had taken a little too much liberty with the word in my sentence. And for that, hurl those stones right at me. Ouch!

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