Family tree simplified – Abrahamic Comparison

In this age and time, we don’t go by Abrahamic (males only) organization of family tree, we go by all the men and women. I get it, but this is easy to remember and fun, so let us do it.  I hope you guys like this post. Let me know, okay?

It is interesting to compare Chathoth family with the biblical Abraham’s new family. It is interesting that
the first three patriarchs are the first three generations, Abraham himself, Isaac and Jacob. Same with Chathoth, Kochandychen -1 started the journey from Konkara and his next two generations are Kochandychen -2 and Icca, both Kochandychen -2 and Icca were their parent’s only sons, so we have three patriarchs – Kochandychen – 1 , Kochandychen – 2  and Icca. Really interesting stuff!

Biblically Jacob, later called Israel, fathered the twelve tribes of Israel. However, Icca Chathoth, the Jacob or Israel of Chathoth family, fathered only five tribes of Chathoth, not twelve. Here is where the comparison ends. We have parallels for Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah and Dan in Chandy, Abraham, Mathew, Thomas and George!

If you spotted your name in the chart above, post the word ‘whoa’ in the comments section.


4 responses to “Family tree simplified – Abrahamic Comparison”

  1. ‘whoa’
    Oh yes. Found out my position corresponding to Hanoch! The next line in lineage from Hanoch is being searched for .
    The approach is original and vivifying.

  2. Thanks for leaving some comments Hanoch! Way to go! It is that simple.

  3. Great finding and good research!

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